Introducing, a revolutionary suite of programs that predicts when a domain name officially drops from the registry!

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Expired domain script

Have you ever wanted to know when a domain name will drop so you can grab it? What if there was a way to predict the exact day a domain name would really expire and become available for registration? Now there is! Introducing, a revolutionary suite of programs that predicts when a domain name officially drops from the registry!

expired domain scripts
Current version: 1.2

DueToExpire Plus is an advanced expired domain script that accurately predicts when a domain name expires AND the day it drops! It is truly amazing!expired domain scripts


  • Browser based
  • Simple installation
  • Very fast
  • Integrates with the look of your site using header and footer files
  • Multiple domain name checking
  • Paste a list of domain names to check or
  • Upload a text file of domain names
  • Amount of domain names can be limited to a value you set
  • You countrol what extentions can be checked (.com, .net, .org)
  • Output is totally controlled by you!
    • Show the Whois server
    • Show the Expiration Date
    • Show the Domain Name Status
    • and more!
  • Internal calculator for leap year
  • Results are easy to read and important information is displayed in RED

Expired domain script sites

If you have a domain related website, DueToExpire Plus is the ultimate tool! Your visitors will love being able to check multiple domain names and see the drop date of each one! You control the maximum amount of domain names your visitors can check so your server will not become overloaded with requests. DueToExpire Plus will keep your visitors coming back for more!

Tip: You could charge a membership fee with different levels of access! You could have free searching, but limit it to only 10 domains, and have a paid plan with a limit of 500 domains! What an easy way to make money!


Expired domain script

expired domain scripts
Current Version: 1.1

DueToExpire Pro is a powerful shell expired domain script that searches Yahoo for domain names that are due to expire. You tell the expired domain script what to search and it does the rest! Results are printed in "comma delimited" format so you can easily import the information into a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel. Then, you can sort by domain name, expiration date, etc. It is an incredible expired domain script that will save you hours, even days of work!expired domain scripts


  • Runs server-side for incredibly fast results
  • Only 1 file to configure
  • Results are in comma delimited format
  • Can be run via a cron job or through telnet/ssh
  • Includes category listing of 22,000+ Yahoo categories

DueToExpire Pro Demo Results

Click here to see a sample text file that DueToExpire Pro can produce! This is a very small list. The list we compiled for February 2003 has over 6000 domain names that will expire in February or have already expired in January. These names are due to expire in March or April.

Tip #1: You could charge a membership fee and sell lists of domain names that are due to expire each month! This would be a great extra income with very little work! Each month, the members could download the updated list!

Tip #2: After you have compiled your list of domain names that are due to expire, use to grab them as soon as they become available!


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